From $13 Small Recycled Birdhouses
Small Recycled Timber Birdhouses (Wood Roof comes with or without hook for hanging)

Single - $13*
Double - $16*
Triple - $22*
*Rusty Roof - $5 extra

Dimensions (Hole) 32mm (W)115mm x (D)120mm
Single - (H)140mm
Double - (H) 280mm
Triple - (H) 380mm
Weight varies from 1-3kg

Hanging - $16
Small - Straight sides (back left in photo)

Dimensions (Hole) 45mm Body -110mm
(W)150mm x (D)170mm x (H)170mm
From $55 Village & Hamlet Birdhouses
Village & Hamlet Birdhouses
-Made from recycled timber
-Rope at rear for hanging

Hamlet (Group of 3)
Wood Roof - $55
Rusty Roof - $80
Dimensions (W)350mm x (D)120mm x (H)380mm
Weight approx. 3kg

Village (Group of 5)
Wood Roof - $80
Rusty Roof - $110
Dimensions (W)570mm x (D)120mm x (H)380mm
Weight approx. 5 kg
From $22 Large Angled Birdhouse
Large Angled Birdhouse
-Comes in Natural timber or Painted Front
-Sides, base & roof made from aged Treated Pine

Natural - $22
(Hole 55mm or 32mm in shorter style)
Painted - $27
(Hole 55mm)
*Current colours :
White, Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Lime Green, Jade Green, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Mauve, Purple, Grey

Dimensions (W)210mm x (D)210mm x (H)290mm
Weight approx. 900gm
From $40 Whitehouse
Small - $40
Medium - $60
Large - $80

-Front is made from Weatherboard painted and aged by sanding & burning
-Aged Treated pine for body
- Steel Roof
- Hole in back for hanging
-Two styles available:
*Curved edge at base
*Taller straight version

Small - (H)270mm
Medium - (H)390mm
Large - (H) 510mm
(W)155mm x (D)150mm
Weight approx. 2kg
$27 Alex's Project Kit Birdhouse
Alex's Project Kit Birdhouse - $27*
*Postage & Handling $20 (within Australia)

-Treated Pine parts
-Pre-drilled parts
-Includes nails, hook and easy to read instructions with diagrams.

Finished Dimensions (W)180mm x (D)230mm x (H)230mm
Parental supervision recommended. Not suitable for under 6 years of age. Only a hammer, safety glasses and a flat surface required for assembly.
From $35 Dosshouses
-Made from recycled Hardwood or Treated Pine
-Steel Roof
-Ring for hanging available $5 extra

Small - $35
Medium - $45
Large (2 holes) - $55

Small (W)140mm x (D)140mm x (H)320mm Weight 2-3kg
Medium (W)205mm x (D)205mm x (H)330mm Weight 3-4kg
Large (W) 205mm x (D)205mm x (H)440mm Weight 4-5kg
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