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Our Rusty Bird Baths are in demand and we are unable to guarantee to have them fully rusted and sealed in stock. The baths can be purchased and rusted at home in your garden. Best to place on a 30 degree angle, to ensure the water runs off. Once fully rusted, ensure the bath is dry and seal the inside of the bath with 3 coats of Penetrol (using a 100mm roller with 4mm nap works the best and helps prevent runs) and ensure it dries well between coats. This will halt the rusting process and seal the bath to keep the water clean. As birds have sharp claws and beaks, they may scratch the surface, so best to watch for rust spots or a sludge build up in the water and reseal as required. Note - Occasionally you may find you get white spot/patch, it happens to us too. Just ensure the bath is dry and give it another coat and let it dry fully (baking in the sun or in front of the fire) before refilling with water again. 

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