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Frequently Asked Questions (Answered) together with helpful Tips & Hints* 

*These Tips & Hints are intended as a guide only and some hints have been collated from customer feedback


    Installation:  We recommend poles for our birdhouses 75 or 100mm be placed in a hole at least 600mm/2ft in the ground.  The hole can 

    be filled with a quick drying concrete; or the soil mixed with a few shovelfuls of dry cement, compacted around the pole and finished 

    with a bucket of water; to secure the pole in place.


    Birdhouse sizes:  We have three size ranges for our birdhouse on poles:
   - Small (300mm tray) for a unit or small garden;
   - Medium (400/450mm tray) for a normal backyard;
   - Large (550 to 750mm tray) for a large garden or acreage.

    Choosing a birdhouse:  Whether it be for yourself, partner, parent or friend; there are a couple of questions we ask our customers 
   to assist them in making a decision. 

    1. Do you want the birdhouse for 
   (a) feeding the birds
   (b) nesting 
   (c) or for looks in the garden? 
   Answer: (a) Look at the open arch designs
              (b) Only a couple are specifically suited for certain birds, non-fussy birds will nest in anything
              (c) Then the choice is yours

    2. Do you like the rusty metal or plain wood roof? Answer: This will narrow down the choices available.

    3. Do I let the birdhouse weather naturally, paint it or stain it? Answer: All options are suitable - personal choice.


    Attracting birds to my newly purchased birdhouse/bird feeder:


    It would be rare to attract birds that are not usually found in your area. Sometimes we have birds in our area, but they just don't come         into our backyard.  Wild bird seed should help to attract the larger wild birds, whereas the budgie seed will more likely attract miners,         sparrows & other small birds.  Cut up fruit should assist to entice the different Rosellas, Parrots and Lorikeets, be aware this could also 
   attract possums.  
   If you don't have many flowering plants in your garden, like Grevillea & Bottle Brush then some powdered nectar could entice the 
   wattle & nectar eating birds (usually ones with a long beak).  The powdered nectar can be good to have, when not as many flowers are
   in bloom around your neighbourhood.  
   Birds that are fed regularly, at a certain time of the day tend to keep coming back for more and can become very bossy to the point of 
   tapping on your window to remind you to feed them.  This can be very endearing or very annoying.  
   You should be careful not to allow the native birds become too reliant on food just from yourself, rather an extra to their regular diet or 
   when food it hard to come by. 

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